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Robert Winton
B.S. Chemistry, M.B.A.

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The term 'tutoring' typically implies a focus on a particular subject, whereas 'coaching' often extends beyond this, adding strategies for preparing for and taking tests.

As an academic coach, I strive to both enlighten students in specific subject matter and help them better navigate their academic journeys.

Whether your goal is to get better grades, ace a test, navigate a confusing teacher, pass a pesky math class to pursue your art career, or fine-tune your skills before college, academic coaching may be able to help.

{The Educational Gap}


My understanding is that some high school students have fewer resources than their more financially secure peers. This can lead to limited participation in extracurricular activities, enrichment programs, and advanced coursework. Additionally, they might have to juggle work alongside their school obligations, leaving them with less time and focus for studying and completing assignments.

Wealthier students, on the other hand, might have better access to individualized instruction that caters to their unique learning style and pace. Their families might have the means to choose between private and public education, opting for the choice that best suits their specific needs. They may also have more time for unpaid internships, expanding their networking opportunities. Moreover, they might have broader exposure to expensive travel and diverse knowledge, facilitating a more holistic perspective.

This raises important questions about equity and access to both college education and careers.


Education benefits all students, including those not planning to attend college. Excelling in high school can provide students with essential life and work skills. They might discover a newfound interest and confidence, equipping them to face future challenges and opportunities with assurance. Such success can jump-start careers and open doors to vocational training, internships, and job opportunities. This success might even inspire some to reconsider pursuing college degrees.


The college admissions process may further amplify financial advantages. Wealthier students might hire an admissions consultant, who offers expert insight into application nuances, exceptional essay writing, and sometimes even insider contacts. Students with better finances can enhance their odds of acceptance by applying to multiple colleges, covering admission fees, preparing portfolios and videos, and traveling for interviews and auditions. Furthermore, some affluent families make generous donations to colleges, an act that can, at times, influence admissions decisions.


Both within and outside the traditional college pathway, wealth clearly perpetuates socioeconomic disparities, creating a challenging cycle to break in education.

Academic coaching obviously can't bridge such a huge education gap by itself. Hopefully, it may help provide some small bit of support for motivated and determined students.

As Dr. Martin Luther King wisely said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that."

{About Me}

Hello, I'm Robert Winton, a retired chemist living in Pennsylvania's Poconos. I'm dedicated to using my science background to support students who are facing financial challenges.

I personally felt the struggle of seeking education while facing financial hardships. After high school, I stood in the shadow of a mountain of obstacles, such as rudimentary test and study strategies, unremarkable grades, poverty, and periods of homelessness.

Studying chemistry at Purdue University was transformative. The excellent professors did more than teach advanced subjects in math and science; they demonstrated the power of "learning how to learn".

My academics in subjects such as chemistry, physics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, three semesters of calculus, and honors organic chemistry research led to unique opportunities working as a teaching assistant on the math faculty and winning a paid fellowship in organic chemistry research. These experiences highlighted the significance of exceptional teaching, enabling me to graduate despite the odds and igniting my desire to assist others.

My diverse career began in a hospital laboratory, formulating diagnostic test reagents for technicians. The cloud of poverty finally lifted when I began working in materials engineering at a Fortune 500 firm. After obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, I became a senior Research and Development chemist and patented five inventions. I later completed my MBA at UNC, which paved the way for management roles.

Upon semi-retirement, I prepared students for the math SAT at Kaplan and founded my wedding photography studio (link opens a new website). I served for a few years as a substitute teacher for grades K-12 in public schools, prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These diverse roles enriched my teaching approach, allowing me to blend elements of science, business, art, and education. One of the most rewarding aspects of this synergy is being able to explain math and science concepts to students who once believed understanding was beyond their reach.

{My Goal}

At the heart of science is the exploration of the unknown, which forms the essence of learning. Learning science isn't about memorizing facts; the true spirit of science is about "learning how to learn."

My goal as a math and science coach is to instill this spirit in students facing financial challenges and empower their quest for a brighter future.


Do you have questions? Please feel free to contact me by texting or leaving a voice message at


If you are under 18 years old, please have your parents contact me. Initial contact should be through your parents.

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